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Warriors Rally Behind Draymond Green, Vow Support During Indefinite Suspension

The Golden State Warriors are hopeful that Draymond Green will make a real progress on the mental and emotional challenges that led him to his indefinite suspension. Coach Steve Kerr and general manager Mike Dunleavy Jr. are both satisfied with the NBA’s recent punishment, and both agree that Green needs help. According to both Steve Kerr and Mike Dunleavy, Green will get professional counseling during his suspension to address his escalating series of physical outbursts. Green will not be with the team during game nights, but he will maintain his conditioning. However, there are still no guaranteed parameters on the length of the suspension. The Warriors have struggled during their recent games, and the absence of Green makes it even harder for them. Despite this, they believe in him and that they will try to fill the gap up until he returns. Finally, Green’s availability for the postseason and his spot on the all-defensive team and USA Basketball team is now in jeopardy.