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Tyler Bey: The Hotshots’ Ultimate Companion

Chemistry is essential to a basketball team looking to make a title run. Thankfully, Magnolia has plenty of chemistry with import Tyler Bey in the PBA Commissioner’s Cup.

Mark Barroca mentioned that Bey gets along with all of the Hotshots. Barroca said, “Oh, everyone. All of us.” after contributing 17 points in the team’s 112-74 win over Northport at Araneta Coliseum on Friday.

He continued, “Actually, in our free time, we joke around and talk a lot. When we’re in the PT (physical therapist) room, it’s the same thing, that’s how we build chemistry.”

Bey played well in the victory with 25 points and eight rebounds. Team chemistry was on his mind as well, passing for six assists in the process.

Barroca noted the importance of Bey in the team and how his contribution affects their chemistry. Roarke shared, “He’s really important to us. He’s like half of our team. Our chemistry’s good because it’s a huge thing that he’s involved in our schemes and plays. Us [locals], we’ve been together for a long time now so we know what to do but with Tyler it’s different. The other plays he doesn’t know maybe because his play overseas is different compared here.”

Five players scored in double digits for coach Chito Victolero, showing that the team communicates and plays well together, contributing to the team’s overall chemistry.

Barroca attributes the conversations behind the scenes and in the locker room to boosting the chemistry of the Hotshots. He mentioned, “That’s [jokes and talks] where chemistry is built, not just about who’s treating whom. We talk a lot and because of that we jell well and it’s like we’re close friends now even outside of the basketball court. Chemistry building is fast because of those.”

Good, but still can be better

Magnolia is unbeaten after three games in the conference, but Victolero is looking for more improvements from Bey. He confirmed Tyler’s positive impact on the team, stating, “He helps us a lot offensively and defensively with his energy and athleticism. I think there’s still a few things he needs to fix regarding the defensive schemes and matchups but he’s doing okay. But about his progression, it’s better if he can do it fast.”

After three games for the conference, Bey is boasting a stacked stat line of 29.3 points, 14.7 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 2.3 steals per game, showing his prowess on both the defensive and offensive end.

Bey’s talent will be put to a bigger test on Sunday against Barangay Ginebra in the newest chapter of “Manila Clasico.”