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Top Companies Eager to Join PVL, According to Ricky Palou

MANILA, Philippines — After the disbandment of F2 Logistics and Gerflor’s financial controversy, at least four companies are eyeing to join the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) next season.

PVL president Ricky Palou did not divulge the names of the interested companies but the league will only accept two applicants to maintain a 12-team field.

“There are four applying to us but we will only accept two,” Palou told Inquirer Sports in Filipino. “It will be hard if we have more than 12 teams because of the scheduling. At least with 12 teams, all of them will have at least one game per week.”

Palou said that the league will announce once the new teams are approved to join as the PVL organizing committee is still sitting with the interested parties to explore their capabilities and long-term commitment.

The PVL had its biggest tournament in the second All-Filipino Conference, which featured 12 teams, with Nxled, the sister company of Akari, and Galleries Tower joining this year’s newcomers Gerflor and Farm Fresh.