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Tiggo’s Triumph: Chery Tiggo Goes the Extra Mile for Injured Teammate Imee Hernandez

Eya Laure offered Chery Tiggo’s hard-earned win to injured teammate Imee Hernandez at the 2023 Premier Volleyball League (PVL) second All-Filipino Conference. Chery Tiggo beat Nxled in four sets at Philsports Arena, despite Hernandez’s left knee injury.

Hernandez got hurt from a bad fall during the game. She was unable to continue after trying to play through the pain. Laure and the rest of the Crossover held their ground, rallying to win 22-25, 31-29, 25-23, 28-26 over Nxled to secure a joint second-place finish.

Laure, who contributed 23 points, emphasized, “We just talked to each other and offered this game to Imee. We have an injured teammate, so we had to fight for her. She wanted to win this game so we worked hard to achieve it for her. She was an extra motivation for us, that’s why we didn’t give up in this game.”

Mylene Paat, who chipped in 16 points, lauded Laure for encouraging the whole team after Hernandez was taken out of the game. “We have traumas from that kind of situation. Thankfully, Eya spoke to us to dedicate this game to Imee. It kind of loosened us a bit,” she said.

The Crossovers deputy coach Kungfu Reyes prayed for Hernandez’s quick recovery. Chery Tiggo is set to play against the PLDT High Speed Hitters on Saturday at the same venue.