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The Las Vegas Strip Transformed for F1 Racing: A Tourist’s Delight

The famous Bellagio fountains will be less visible this week due to the Formula One racing on the Las Vegas Strip. The construction work has led to road closures and temporary grandstand construction. The racing event attracts billionaires from around the world, with high expectations for economic gains.

Monaco is recognized as a host city for Grand Prix events worldwide, and organizers are hoping Las Vegas will also earn that title. The canal at the Venetian resort will be refilled, and trees at the Bellagio will be replaced after the event. However, the construction process has led to inconvenience and raised safety concerns. A worker also died during the construction.

The grand prix event is expected to draw large crowds and will take place on a 3.8-mile road course. Las Vegas has experience handling large-scale events and is preparing for the grand prix race. It is anticipated to bring more than $1 billion to the local economy.

The race route will pass various hotels and landmarks in Las Vegas, contributing to a total of over 40,000 guest rooms in the area. Rates in September average at $201.50 per night, and hotels are expected to see high occupancy during the event. Las Vegas aims to become the epicenter of the ‘fun economy’ and drive economic growth through tourism, entertainment, and sports.