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Resilient Chelsea Secures Spot in League Cup Semifinals After Overcoming Adversity

Chelsea progressed into the League Cup semifinals after a dramatic penalty shootout victory against Newcastle, thanks to Mykhailo Mudryk’s late equalizer. While Fulham and Middlesbrough also made it to the semifinals with their respective wins on Tuesday.

Newcastle, who has experienced a season of setbacks, was defeated in their attempt to avenge last season’s League Cup final loss to Manchester United at Wembley. Their exit adds to the disappointment after crashing out of the Champions League group stage, as they continue to pursue their first major trophy since 1969.

The other two victories for Fulham and Middlesbrough mark their significant steps toward the semifinals, where Fulham moved on after a 7-6 win against Everton and Middlesbrough secured a spot for the first time since their 2004 triumph in the tournament.