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Quiambao Seizes Redemption: Leading La Salle to No. 2 After First-Round Payback

Kevin Quiambao had his eyes on the three teams that defeated La Salle in the first round of the UAAP Season 86 men’s basketball tournament.

After an 88-78 victory over National University (NU) in the second round, Quiambao let his motivation slip.

“We lost to them in the first round,” he said, referring to a close 80-77 decision hammered out by the Bulldogs during the first meeting of both schools. “I didn’t want that to happen again.”

So decided was Quiambao that NU’s first-round victory would be a one-off that he poured in a rare triple-double, one of two he would accomplish in the season. The 6-foot-8 forward finished with 17 points, 14 assists, 11 rebounds and four steals in the second-round clash between the Archers and the Bulldogs, a big leap from his 25 points, nine rebounds and four assists in the first-round defeat.

That served as a warning to the other teams that beat La Salle in the first round. None of them were able to do anything about it anyway.

By the time Quiambao was done getting back at first-round tormentors, the national pool member downplayed his revenge tour.

“For me, I just doubled my effort and then my mindset coming into this game was that we cannot lose, because the team is already on the rise in terms of growth. The learning process and cur