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NCAA: Clint Escamis Aims for Redemption in Game 3 Following Tough Performance

MANILA, Philippines—Clint Escamis, after a bad shooting by Mapua in a loss to San Beda in Game 2 of the NCAA Season 99 men’s basketball Finals, promised to atone by contributing better shooting performance.

The Cardinals had a missed chance to end their 32-year championship drought with a 71-65 defeat, and this made the performance of players such as Escamis, the previous Rookie of the Year and MVP, come under scrutiny.

Escamis led Mapua with 15 points but his poor shooting of 4-of-21 from the field, including 2-of-13 from beyond the arc, was a glaring disappointment. His teammate Paolo Hernandez also struggled offensively, making only 3-of-17 attempts and committing four turnovers.

However, Escamis is confident that his teammate will bounce back for the deciding Game 3, stating, “Paolo will be Paolo. Coach’s trust in him is still big like how my trust in him is still big. I know he’ll show up in Game 3. He showed up today, even, he just fell short and I knew he was suffering from cramps in the fourth.”

In addition, Escamis acknowledged the team’s collective struggle to score – particularly with three-pointers, expressing, “It’s just an off night for us. If we can take on San Beda, we can take on San Beda, but we were shooting a lot of threes. That’s on us. We have to practice more.”

It was clear that Mapua’s offensive game was weak, having only shot 26 percent from the field, with a dismal 5-of-33 from long range. They also struggled in the crucial closing minutes, failing to match the scoring power of Red Lions guard Jacob Cortez, who finished with a game-high 21 points.

Escamis remains optimistic, saying, “We still have one opportunity so now we’re going all out. It’s an all-out war. We’ll die for the ball… We only have this chance now and it came to us. We got one and we just need one more. Just like Beda, [they need] one more win.”

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