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Miami Heat Heat Up to Defeat Pacers and End Losing Streak

The Miami Heat had a memorable victory on Thursday, as they scored 45 points in the fourth quarter, marking the first time this had happened since 1989. Jimmy Butler was the standout star, contributing 36 points to the team’s win against the Indiana Pacers. The Heat’s victory was despite Tyrese Haliburton’s impressive career-high 44 points for the Pacers. The Heat’s 45 fourth-quarter points were the second-most in team history, and the third-most total points in Heat history. Jaime Jaquez Jr., a rookie, scored 14 of his 24 points in the fourth quarter. Miami used a 28-6 run in the fourth to secure their victory. The Heat’s victory was also accompanied by a tribute to David Benner, a longtime Pacers media relations director who had passed away earlier that year.