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Memorable Moments: Sisi Rondina Reflects on Anxious Moments Before Choco Mucho’s Victory

Choco Mucho Flying Titan’s Sisi Rondina celebrates as her team enters the PVL Finals.

READ: The Flying Titans watch in suspense until it was revealed that Cignal’s challenge for a block touch was unsuccessful. #PVL2023 CLINK

LINK: The ending of the match between Choco Mucho and Creamline in Game 3 of the 2023 PVL All-Filipino Conference semifinals was filled with much tension.Vanie Gandler unleashed a down-the-line attack that sailed out. HD Spikers coach Shaq Delos Santos raised a block/touch challenge and said a point should be given to Cignal to extend the set. As luck would have it, Gandler’s attack did not hit any of Choco Mucho’s blockers which ultimately sealed the deal for coach Dante Alinsunurin’s wards. Choco Mucho had a Finals ticket within reach, 24-23, in the fourth period. Before the Flying Titans could celebrate, though.

“I was nervous because I thought the ball went inside. So when I saw [the replay], I knew it was done,” explained Rondina, who finished with 21 points. Even Kat Tolentino, who had 17 points in the dub, asked Rondina again if the ball went in and the latter responded humorously.

But with all the challenges and celebrations virtually done as they brace for war in 48 hours and Rondina vowed to continue working for Choco Mucho as they face a formidable foe in sister team Creamline.