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Magic Top Bulls with Banchero’s Buzzer-Beater

Paolo Banchero of the Orlando Magic, made an extraordinary play and led his team to victory against the Chicago Bulls. An important shot of two points with just one second remaining in the game, gave the Magic the win 96-94 on Wednesday night. This game saw the Bulls experience the lowest scoring first half, with only 33 points, in the NBA this whole season. They managed to tie the score at 94 when Zach LaVine made a 3-pointer in the final seconds.

Banchero, who was named 2023 Rookie of the Year, made a game-winning fadeaway jumper with Caruso guarding him. This gave Orlando the win after they had lost three of their previous four games. Banchero expressed that the team all believed they could get a good play to win the game as long as there was time left on the clock. He led Orlando with 17 points in the game. Goga Bitadze also had a noteworthy performance with 15 points and 11 rebounds for the Magic.

On the other hand, LaVine stood out for the Bulls with 19 points, and Vucevic contributed 17 points and nine rebounds. Caruso scored 16 points and Drummond made 14 rebounds. Nevertheless, the Bulls, like the Magic, found it difficult to make 3-point shots, with both teams struggling from beyond the arc.

The Magic will face the Bulls once again in the next game as part of the In-Season Tournament Group C on Friday in Chicago.