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La Salle Transforms into ‘Hunters’ as UP Takes First Victory in UAAP Finals

La Salle’s Evan Nelle knows the competition as a jungle.

Coach Topex Robinson declared the competition as a jungle, saying, “It’s either you’re the hunter or the hunted. You’ll never know who’s the hunter and hunted here.”

In the elimination round, the Green Archers were the hunted for the most part, with a huge target on their backs.

However, after a 97-67 demolition at the hands of University of the Philippines in Game 1 of the UAAP Season 86 Finals, the picture is crystal clear – “We’re the hunters now. We’re going to hunt them,” said a motivated Nelle. He said, “We have nothing to lose now. [Our] backs are against the wall so we’re going to come out blazing and give it everything we got. Nothing to lose anymore. Game 1 jitters are done. We’re here. We’ll see them in Game 2.”

Nelle only scored eight points on a disappointing field goal shooting clip of 30.8 percent. He seemed eager to redeem himself and put his jersey on to hit the court again. “It’s like he wanted to put his jersey on and hit the court one more time. He looked like a hunter, searching for his new prey,” the article said.

He acknowledged the way the game went and the performance of his opponents. Facing the graduation of his career, he said, “It’s a series for a reason.” He acknowledged the effort of his opponents and expressed the desire to review the tapes before moving on to game two.

Out of all the things a player can feel after a lopsided blowout, dejection and despair, Nelle’s response is a testament to his experience and resilience after his long career.