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JM Bravo Remains Proud despite Lyjson’s Final Four Departure in NCAA

JM Bravo of Lyceum experienced an unexpected but pleasant surprise outside the locker room. San Beda fans approached him for pictures. Despite his team’s loss to San Beda, Bravo graciously posed for photos with the opposing team’s fans. Bravo, who suffered cramps during the game, refused to give up and returned to the court to play. He managed to score 16 points and grab 11 rebounds in a losing effort. Despite the disappointment, Bravo offered words of encouragement to his teammates after the game. He reminded them that there is always next season to bounce back. He also expressed his support for outgoing team leader Enoch Valdez, who is moving on to the professional league. Valdez also consoled his teammates after the game, showing his leadership and sportsmanship. Bravo displayed his resilience and positive attitude, both on and off the court, in the face of defeat.