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Ja Morant finds ‘perfect ending’ in return from suspension in NBA

New Orleans– Ja Morant thinks his game-winning shot at the end of his performance against the New Orleans Pelicans was the perfect ending to a perfect day. On Tuesday, his 25-game suspension for social media antics with handguns came to an end, and it was the start of an already successful basketball career. Memphis Grizzlies had never returned from a 25-game absence and scored 34 points. The team made a comeback from a 24-point deficit to win 115-113 on the road against the New Orleans Pelicans. Fans were unfriendly toward the star after he was booed during pre-game introductions and while dribbling the ball on the game’s opening possession. Morant was unphased by the jeering and commented on the animosity of the Pelican’s fan base. after missing 25 games and scoring 34 points, many fans admitted that the grizzlies’ game-winning basket was a surprise. Morant also mentioned that his work out during the off time. Ja Morant seems to come into the game with a new attitude since returning from an NBA suspension. He described his game as when he got the ball he had to lock in .coach Taylor Jenkins mentioned wherever he has been before the game that he was proud of his commitment in putting extra work. Morant’s aim is to set an example by responding to his suspension and considered the lesson his mistake taught him.
Morant has been suspended for 33 games since March 4 for social media antics. Morant first told reporters their off-the-court behavior needs to improve and be mindful of those around them. Afterward, Morant was seen singing with friends when he was caught holding a handgun during a livestream video. Adam Silver announced Morant’s suspension and other steps the NBA office and the National Basketball Players Association are to take.