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Finding the Perfect Balance: Faith Nisperos’ Journey in Juggling School and Pro Volleyball

While the Akari Chargers waited for their flight to Cagayan De Oro, Faith Nisperos brought out her laptop to finish her school project. “I am just making my presentation at the airport because of course. we’re nearing finals week. So I have to take every opportunity that I can do my school works while we’re out of town,” Nisperos told Inquirer Sports.

The graduating BS Management student, in her last semester with 18 units, admitted it’s hard to juggle her studies and pro-volleyball life. “Of course, it’s really hard to manage especially a lot of outside factors [like] the travel, the traffic and, of course, I have to dedicate time and effort to everything I do. It’s really hard to maintain the focus to give 100 percent to all the aspects that I need,” said Nisperos.

After they landed in the City of Golden Friendship, the Akari rookie and the other three PVL clubs were welcomed at the City Hall, had lunch, then attended a meet-and-greet with the Cagayanon fans. Coming off a busy Friday, Nisperos led Akari to victory over Gerflor to end a three-game skid and stay in semifinal contention in the All-Filipino Conference. Before flying back, the former Ateneo star worked on her school assignment while waiting to board, managing it one task at a time.

Support from the squad

Nisperos, who jumped to the pros after three UAAP seasons with Blue Eagles, said she and fellow students Fifi Sharma and Justine Jazareño, who are finishing their studies at La Salle, are supporting each other despite studying in different schools. The veteran Chargers are also supporting their three pro-student players, giving them rest and moral and emotional support.

Aside from her finals week at school, Nisperos is also bracing for their last three elimination games, which are a must-win for the 4-4 Akari to stay in semis hunt.