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Filipino Wushu Trio Clinches World Gold in Texas

Mark Ragay, Mark Polo, and Vincent Ventura clinched the nation’s lone gold medal in the 16th World Wushu Championships on Tuesday in Fort Worth, Texas. The team scored a total of 9.616 in the men’s duilian event.

Brunei’s Majdurano Joel Bin, Majallah Sain, and Abel Wee Yuen Lim came in second place with 9.613, while Spain’s Nestor Urzainqui Milla, Aidan Pose Martinez, and Victor dela Plaza Schineper took the bronze at 9.433.

Wushu Federation of the Philippines president Freddie Jalasco praised the team, saying, “They executed to near perfection and showed what we Filipinos are capable of achieving.”

The men’s 48-kilogram sanda event saw Russel Diaz secure the only bronze for the Philippines. Additionally, Jennifer Kilapio, Arnel Mandal, and Clemente Tabugara collected three silver medals in the sanda, wushu’s combat event, on the same day.

Following these podium finishes, the country’s medal tally reached one gold, four silvers, and one bronze. Mandal had previously won a silver at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, two months prior, while Tabugara and fellow sanda fighter Gideon Padua and Jones Inso of men’s taijijian brought home bronze medals.

“They got motivated with those medals. After the Asian Games, the confidence was really high,” said Jalasco.