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Father-Son Duo Tiger Woods and Charlie Gear up for Another Shot at ‘Fifth Major’

Orlando, Florida — Tiger Woods refers to the PNC Championship as the fifth major. On Friday, Woods and 14-year-old son Charlie were warming up for the pro-am, their swings eerily similar. They were hitting flop shots when Charlie hit one that was… well, Woods said, “We’re ending on that one right there. That was nasty,” With an extra word for emphasis. Woods felt good enough to walk 18 holes in a strong wind during the pro-am. “I felt like I was physically fit to do it,” Woods said. This is the fourth year Woods is playing with Charlie and they were runner-up two years ago. “Seeing how much he cares about Charlie and having (daughter) Sam out here and him doing that together with Charlie as he’s watching him grow up,” Justin Thomas said. Charlie is not the little crumb-snatcher that first played in the PNC Championship in 2020. He is taller and stronger, with more speed in his swing. “I can’t quite give him as much brief anymore because he’s close to beating me up,” said Thomas. This is the fourth competition this year for Woods, who made the cut but didn’t finish the third round of the Masters, and then had ankle fusion surgery. The big concern is the weather on Friday and Saturday. It will rain and the wind will be very strong. Woods has taught Charlie about the process of deciding how to hit shots. “There’s so much of the noise in our lives that people are always trying to get stuff out of us,” Woods said. “It’s a challenge as a parent and to provide that atmosphere for him, to learn, to grow, and have that freedom, meanwhile understanding that there’s so much noise looking into our lives.”