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Dindin Santiago-Manabat Dominates as Petro Gazz Faces Tough Challenge

The 2023 Premier Volleyball League (PVL) All-Filipino Conference saw a battle between Petro Gazz and Akari. Petro Gazz emerged as the victor, but the game was not without its challenges. Dindin Santiago-Manabat of Akari posed a significant threat to Petro Gazz, with Coach Timmy Sto. Tomas acknowledging her impact on the court.

Sto. Tomas recognized Santiago-Manabat as the go-to player for Akari, making it difficult for Petro Gazz to contain her. Despite their efforts, Santiago-Manabat still managed to score 26 points, solidifying her position as the game’s top scorer. The Angels had prioritized studying Santiago-Manabat’s tendencies, but she remained a formidable opponent.

In response, Petro Gazz relied on Marian Buitre to counter Santiago-Manabat’s offensive prowess, with Buitre contributing 22 points to the team’s victory. Additionally, Aiza Maizo-Pontillas and Grethcel Soltones also stepped up, scoring 19 and 18 points, respectively, to match Santiago-Manabat’s performance.

Ultimately, Petro Gazz’s strategic efforts paid off, as they secured a 25-18, 17-25, 25-22, 32-30 win over the Chargers, bringing their record to 6-4 in the competition.