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Bronny James: The Near Five-Month Journey to His College Debut After Cardiac Arrest

USC’s Bronny James Debuts featuring LeBron in the Stands
Los Angeles. – Bronny James debuts at USC after suffering cardiac arrest. He thanks Mayo Clinic, parents, siblings, coach and teammates. Enfield said James played well and defended at a high level. His first game in 5 months comes an overtime loss. James leaves without questions after scoring 4 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists. He only played for a total of 16 minutes. James made a block during the game. His dad, LeBron James, arrived seconds before the national anthem with the family. Students line up to see James’ first game, and the arena sees 9,806 fans—largest crowd this season. James suffered from a cardiac arrest from a treatable congenital heart defect just 5 months ago. He was given the clearance by his doctors and the USC medical team.