Native Style Drum Kits ~ Grey Wolf Drums


“MITAKUYE OYASIN” meee-ta-ku-yah … oh-yah-seeen is Lokota for “We are all related” … People, Elk, Rivers, the Gravel in the beds of the rivers, Salmon, the Wind, the Sun, Bees and Honey … “we are all related.”

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1drumtable DRUM TABLES

Ceremonial Style Drum Table
Includes Hand Crafted Ornamented Drum Stand and Two Ceremonial Beater kits.
Ceremonial Drum Tables … are all Custom Made
Native American Ceremonial Style Drum Table

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1drumkitsSimply the best Native Style Drum Kits you can get anywhere at any price. These drum kits are perfect for a group activity or for the individual wanting to make a native style drum. Each drum kit comes with everything you need to create a one of a kind drum that you can call your own.